Eating Healthy Eliminating High Cholesterol Food

Many Americans today are battling high cholesterol, and yet others are attempting to maintain their good cholesterol levels. While it is recognized that there are many factors that contribute to high cholesterol, there are a few things that can be done to lower cholesterol and maintain those normal levels. Most physicians agree that combining physical activity and a good diet can help lower and maintain good cholesterol levels. Essential to a diet aimed at lowering cholesterol is elimination of high cholesterol food.

Identifying the Problem
One of the first steps that should be taken to eliminate high cholesterol food from your diet is identifying which foods are high in cholesterol. Also to be considered are foods high in saturated fat, because saturated fats can raise bad cholesterol levels more than any other thing. Saturated fat and cholesterol are usually found in foods that come from animals including egg yokes, meat especially liver, high-fat milk products, and fish. Processed foods such as cookies, pastries, and muffins, all containing a lot of fat, are considered high cholesterol food, as well.
Although it is considered to be advantageous to eliminate most high cholesterol food from your diet at, foods with good cholesterol can be eaten in moderation. Foods containing good cholesterol include fish and eggs, although they should still be eaten in moderation. High cholesterol food that you would normally eat can be replaced in your diet by more fruits and vegetables, which contain no cholesterol whatsoever. However, totally changing your diet to a vegetarian diet is something to be considered carefully and discussed with your doctor.
Minimizing Cholesterol Intake When Eating Fast Food
In todays fast-paced world it is not always easy to eat healthily, especially when eating fast food frequently. Fast food restaurants seem to specialize in that high cholesterol food that tastes so good, but many fast food chains are beginning to offer more health-conscious choices that have little or no cholesterol. Many are offering salads, yogurt, and fruit as healthy choices, and some even let you replace items in a combo meal with these lower or no cholesterol foods. High cholesterol food you want to steer clear of when eating fast food would be hamburgers especially those that include cheeses on them, anything that is fried in hot oil, and favorites like milkshakes.
Although it is not always easy to cut out high cholesterol food from you diet, in the long run it will help you lower or maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Unfortunately, some of the foods that we most love to eat are those that are packed with cholesterol and saturated fats. As with most things, moderation is the key, and although elimination of high cholesterol food from your diet would be great, for many people it is not practical. Just being aware of what you’re eating and striving to control your intake of foods high in cholesterol and fat will often be enough to keep your cholesterol where is should be. I work at a large retail store for 7 years. Mentoring a youngest employee is part of my job. Just…
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