Cosmetic rhinoplasty testimony

I now feel more comfortable about my face. I don’t try to hide my profile any longer. I find myself having more self confidence when around other people. I smile and laugh a lot more. My surgery went so much better than I anticipated. I had no pain at anytime and healed quickly. The improvement to the look of my eyes has been great. I feel so much better. I’m so pleased with the work you’ve done and you are such a nice person. I have so much trust and confidence in you, I hope you won’t get tired of seeing me. I had talked with other plastic surgeons. When I came in for my initial visit, I knew I had finally found the right doctor and staff that I felt comfortable with. I was and am treated as though I am the only patient. That is why I trusted you with my ageing face. My facelift has given me more confidence in all aspects of my life. I don’t look tired anymore and friends remark that I look happy and well rested.

The cosmetic change was subtle but noticeable to many people and made me feel better about my appearance.
We want to thank you for your professionalism, patience, kindness, and most importantly, your attention to detail. You told us not to expect perfection, but I have to say when I first got to see his nose, I couldn’t believe my eyes…It was beautiful! I notice him giving the mirror a second glance and that is priceless, get it now.

Dr. Mingrone made me feel comfortable and safe during a difficult surgery. He showed a true sense of care for his patients and I am very happy with my surgery and results. The blepharoplasty has taken years of my appearance. My face is brighter and I LOVE the way my eyes look. I’m wearing less eye make up yet my eyes are more impressive. It’s fun to try new eye shadow colors and see the reaction of my co-workers. My husband says it’s worth every penny to see me so happy. Greatly improved breathing following septorhinoplasty that enables me to be more active with less effort, also many fewer headaches. The cosmetic change was subtle but noticeable to many people and made me feel better about my appearance.

The first benefit would have to be the ‘after face’. The sun damaged and saggy skin from the neck and face, GONE. The ‘bags’, GONE. Now I really don’t object to looking in the mirror anymore. The supplies and ointments needed during early recovery from surgery were very helpful. Many compliments from friends on how good and youthful my complexion and eyes appear after procedures. I appreciated Dr. Mingrone’s professional evaluation and excellent surgical skills to enhance my appearance. When sitting in the car and the person next to me looks over and can see my profile, I no longer feel self- conscious of my nose.

I received eyelift surgery. Turning forty has been a point in my life where changes are becoming more apparent and age starts to show. My eye lift has given me back self confidence and has improved my skin tone and given me a younger look. I love my eyelift. I think that waking up in the morning, looking in the mirror and liking what I see, even without make up is a great boost for a 59+ woman. It’s amazing that how you look reflects how you feel.

For several years I had contemplated having a Rhinoplasty. This was neither a fast nor an easy decision for me so I truly appreciated the individualized care I received before, during, and after my procedure. Dr. Mingrone had the ability to really listen to my concerns and wishes and work with me to turn those wishes into a reality. I no longer feel self-conscious when I talk to people, I feel good about myself and I’m especially glad to have found this particular practice. I couldn’t be happier! The work done on my eyes has taken years off my age. My make up is easier to put on. The experience has helped me try other things. I thank you with all my heart.

Dr. Mingrone carried out an operation to reduce the skin overlap of my eyelids. His work was perfect. I have not scars and my eye shape is perfect. He is an extremely skilled surgeon. Dr. Mingrone and his team were excellent to work with. I couldn’t have asked for better service and care.